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* 彻底糊涂:细节

* 彻底明白:细节+主旨

* 似懂非懂:翻译







例 1:He is successful as a businessman because of his dynamic personality. He seems to have unlimited energy.

例 2:Sociology is the term used to describe the scientific study of human society.

例 3:A first year college or university student is commonly a 'freshman', and

'sophomore', 'junior' and 'senior' designate the second—third—and fourth—year student.

例 4:The tired soldiers trudged through knee deep mud for hours before they found a dry place to sleep.


例 1:Many cancers have been arrested with the use of chemotherapy.

例 2:They overestimate the interviewee's ability and asked too many difficult questions.

例 3:The murderer had developed a poison which could not be tasted or smelled when mixed with food.

Because it was imperceptible, he was able to murder a number of people without being caught.


例 1:For their fishing and hunting the men used a kayak, a small boat for one person.

例 2:A solar eclipse—when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun—in an unusual and interesting  phenomenon that occurs rarely.

例 3:Ventilation, as we know, is a system or means of providing fresh air. It plays a very important

part in the field of engineering.

例 4:The modern age of medicine began with the stethoscope, an instrument for listening to a patient's heartbeat and breathing.


表示反义的信号词:in contrast, on the other hand, rather than, however, yet, although,

while, unlike,

but, whereas, as opposed to……

例 1:My sister Mane is an optimist, while her boyfriend is one who is always gloomy and expects the worst to happen.

例 2:Sally liked to concoct all sorts of stories, but her mother always knew when she was lying.

例 3:A gorilla always makes me think of the word aloof—not friendly, of distance from others.

5. 利用逻辑推理和常识确定词义

例 1:Fishes live in water and have fins which help them to swim. Most fishes have slimy skins covered with scales, but in fishes such as eels the scales are very small and can hardly be seen.

例 2:Not wanting to disturb the sleeping kitten, I gingerly lifted her from the box and put her on a blanket near the heater.






前缀 en-, em- “使…

enable v.使能够

eg: The pass enables me to travel half-price on trains.我用这张通行证坐火车半价。

encourage v.鼓励

eg: He encouraged me to write novels.他鼓励我去写小说。

ensure v.确保

eg: The book ensured his success.那本书确定了他的成就。

endanger v.危害

eg: Smoking endangers your health.吸烟危害健康。

enlarge v.扩大

eg: The police had the photograph of the missing girl enlarged.警方把失踪姑娘的照片放大了。

empower v.授权

eg: The new laws empower the police to stop anybody in the street.新法令授予警方可在街上截停任何人的权力。

embody v.体现

eg: To me he embodies all the best qualities of a teacher.在我看来, 他本身体现了教师应有的一切优秀品质。

否定前缀 a-, ab-, dis-, in-(ig-, il-, im-, ir-), non-, un-“无,不,非”



asocial adj.不好社交的

atypical adj.非典型的



abnormal adj.反常的



dishonest adj.不诚实

disappear v.消失

disorganized adj.没有条理的


变体:在 n 前变成 ig-

在 l 前变成 il-

在 m, p, b 前变成 im-

在 r 前变成 irincapable


insensitive adj.不敏感的

ignoble adj.卑鄙的

illogical adj.不合逻辑的

illegal adj.非法的

illiberal adj.心胸的

immoral adj.不道德的

impolite adj.没有礼貌的

impossible adj.不可能的

irregular adj.不规律的



ndata-xss adj.中途不停的,直达的

nonviolent adj.非暴力的




unavailable adj.不可获得的

unchangeable adj.不能改变的

uncomfortable adj.不舒服的

uneducated adj.未受过教育的

uneventful adj. 平淡无奇的


A 名词后缀


1)-an, -ain, 表示“……地方的人,精通……的人” : American 美国人,historian 历史学家

2)-ant, -ent, 表示“……者” :merchant 商人,agent 代理商,servant 仆人,student 学生

3)-ar, 表示“……的人” :scholar 学者

4)-ee, 表示“动作承受者” :employee 雇员,examinee 考生

5)-eer, 表示“从事于……人” :engineer 工程师

6)-er, 表示“从事某种职业的人, 某地区,地方的人” :banker 银行家, observer 观察者, Londoner 伦敦人, villager 村民

7)-ese, 表示“……国人,…..地方的人” : Japanese 日本人,Chinese 中国人

8)-ian, 表示“……地方人,信仰…….教的人,从事……职业的人” :physician 内科医生,musician 音乐家

9)-icist, 表示“……家,…….者,…….能手” : physicist 物理学家

10)-ist, 表示“从事……研究者,信仰……主义者” :pianist 钢琴家, dentist 牙医,artist艺术家, chemist 化学家

11)-or, 表示“……者” :author 作者,operator 操作员


1)-bility, 表示“动作,性质,状态” :possibility 可能性

2)-dom, 表示“等级,领域,状态” :freedom 自由,wisdom 智慧

3)-hood, 表示“资格,身份,年纪,状态” : childhood 童年

4)-ion, -sion, -tion, -ation, -ition, 表示“行为的过程,结果,状况” :action 动作,

solution 解决方案,conclusion 结论,correction 纠正

5)-ism, 表示“制度,主义,学说,信仰,行为” : criticism 批评,romanticism 浪漫主义,realism 现实主义

6)-ity, 表示“性质,状态,程度” :purity 纯洁,reality 现实,ability 能力

7)-ment, 表示“行为,状态,过程,手段及其结果” :treatment 处理,movement 运动,judgment 判断,

punishment 惩罚,argument 争论

8)-ness, 表示“性质,状态,程度” :kindness 仁慈,friendliness 友好,illness 疾病

9)-ship, 表示“情况,性质,技巧,技能及身份,职业” :hardship 艰难, membership 会员身份, friendship 友谊

10)-th, 表示“动作,性质,过程,状态” :depth 深度,truth 真理,length 长度,growth成长

11)-ure, 表示“行为,结果” :pressure 压力,failure 失败


(1) 带有“属性,倾向,相关”的含义

1)-able, -ible:movable 可移动的, comfortable 舒服的, visible 可视的

2)-al:natural 自然的, additional 额外的, educational 教育的

3)-ing:moving 感人的, touching 动人的4)-ive:active 主动的, impressive 给人印象深刻的, decisive 决定性的

(2) 表示“多”、“少”

1)-ful:beautiful 美丽的, wonderful 精彩的, helpful 有帮助的, truthful 真实的

2)-ous:dangerous 危险的, generous 大方的, courageous 勇敢的, various 多样的

3)-less:helpless 无助的, homeless 无家可归的

C 动词后缀

1)-ize, ise, 表示“做成,变成,……化” :modernize 现代化, organize 组织

2)-en, 表示“使成为,引起,使有” : quicken 加快, weaken 弱化, soften 软化, harden使变硬

3)-fy, 表示“使……化, 使成” :beautify 美化, purify 净化, simplify 简化


1)-ly : possibly 可能地,swiftly 迅速的, simply 简单地

2)-ward, -wards 向… : downward 向下的, inwards 向里的, upward 向上的


1.名词 nouns


When girls walk into a clothing shop, they are usually likely to buy a dress or a blouse.

2.动词 verbs

及物动词 vt. 直接跟宾语

不及物动词 vi. 后加介词,再跟宾语

— Listen to me!

— Sorry, I can't hear you.

3.形容词 adjectives


There is no better time than right now to be happy.

4.副词 adverbs


She can speak a very beautiful English so fluently.


介词 + 宾语(名词性)

动词 + 介宾短语 The sun rises in the east.

名词 + 介宾短语 He is a student from New York.

形容词 + 介宾短语 I'm concerned about your study.

句能第二: 长难句分析方法


1)英语句子 S.+ V.

2)S.+ V. 连词 S.+ V.

连词:并列连词 and, but, so

从属连词:三大从句的连词 if, because, when, that, what, whether, who, ….

I'm happy.我高兴。

If you are thirsty and sleepy, you can drink Red Bull.渴了,困了,喝红牛。


第一刀: 介词短语(定语、状语)

I study English in Haidian in Beijing, the capital city of China.

第二刀: 特殊标点 : : ——

第三刀: 分词短语:2 个公式

公式 1:名词+V.-ing/ V.-ed…… (分词作定语, 定从的简化)

Beijing is an ancient and modern city which attracts tourists from different parts of the world.

Beijing is an ancient and modern city attracting tourists from different parts of the  world.

Beijing is an ancient city which was built over 3500 years ago.

Beijing is an ancient city built over 3500 years ago.

公式 2:S.+ V., V.-ing/V.-ed….(分词作状语, 状从的简化)

I know a lot about Beijing, since I live here for over 10 years.

I know a lot about Beijing, living here for over 10 years.

I chose to work in Beijing, because I was fascinated by its colorful culture.

I chose to work in Beijing, fascinated by its colorful culture.

第四刀: 2 个从句

1)状从 S.+ V.特定连词(if, because, when…) S.+ V.


(1)名词 + who/which/that……

(2)名词 + when/where/why S.+V. ……


1) 篇章关联词

(1) 表示举例:for example, for instance, such as, like , if, when

(2) 表示并列:as well as, also, too, and, one…the other, or, for one thing…for another

(3) 表示增补、递进:not only…but also, first, second, third, moreover, furthermore,

in addition,additionally, even, besides

(4) 表示转折:but, however, nevertheless, in contrast, though, instead, in spite of,though, although,on the other hand, whereas, on the contrary, while, regardless of,by contrast

(5) 表示因果:so, thus, therefore, hence, because, since, as, for, as a result,consequently, lead to, attribute to, contribute to, result in , result from, cause,as the result of…, due to, owing to,thanks to

(6) 表示总结:in a word, in summary, to conclude, in conclusion, in closing, in short,to sum up

(7) 表示时间:first, soon, then, next, later, after, before, eventually, finally,meanwhile, now,

in the future, at the same time

(8) 表示目的:so as to, in order to, in order that, so that, for the purpose of

(9) 表示解释:in other words, similarly, namely, that is, that is to say, likewise2) 



1) 特殊优先词——数字,大写名词,比较级,最高级

2) 独特名、形、副及词组


1) 常用的词

2) 主题词

3) 重复出现的词



阅读判断题(10 题,每题 1 分,共 10 分)


YES 一致:依据原文,能够推论出题目的内容(题目和原文多有同义替换出现)

NO 不一致:推论出来是反面,或者在频率、范围、可能性、方向、目的上矛盾或不一致

NOT GIVEN 不一定:原文完全没有提到或者提到但是无从判断对错。

2.举 例



1) 按照顺序原则做题

2) 运用首句原则,先从段落首句去查找

3) 有多处同义词转换,答案往往是 YES


1) 如果题目里有 only, all, must 等绝对以为的词汇,一般答案猜 NO。

2) 如果答案比较相对,比如有 some, not all, would, could, may, might, probably, likely

to, tend to,usually, often 等词汇,一般为 Y。

3) 如果题目为两者进行比较,一般答案为 NOT GIVEN。

4) 如果题目与原文由 2 个同义词转换,多为 Y,如果有 3 个以上,肯定是 Y。

5) 答案满足“平均分布原则”,即选项出现的次数应该大致相等。比如:10 个题目,选择 Y,

N,NG 的次数应该各为 3 次左右,如果哪个选项没有出现,很可能有错。

单个答案连续出现 3 次以上,错误概率是 90%,如果连续 4 个是同一个答案,很可能有错。连

续 2 个 NOT GIVEN,

一般很少见,3 个连选 NG 的几率非常低。


阅读选择(第 11~15 题,每题 2 分,共 10 分)






标题配对和补全句子(第 16~25 题,每题 1 分,共 10 分)


















第四部分:填句补文(第 26~30 题,每题 2 分,共 10 分)

下面的短文有 5 处空白,短文后有 6 个句子,其中 5 个取自短文。请根据短文内容将其分别









选词填空/填词补文(第 31~40 题,每题 1.5 分,共 15 分)






The Price of Progress"We've become the (31)______of our own success," Dr. Jackson said of the public health mission that cleared cities of congested slums. "By living far from where we work,

we reduced crowding and improved the(32)______of our air and water, which drove down rates of infectious disease." But as people have moved farther and farther from where they work, shop and socialize, the rates of chronic diseases have (33)________Public transportation has not kept pace with the (34)_________of suburbs and exurbs (远郊). Nor are there enough sidewalks, nearby parks and safe places to walk, cycle or play outdoors in many, if not most, towns. Parents spend hours in cars

getting to and from work; children are bused or driven to and from school; and those who  can't drive must depend on others to take them everywhere or risk becoming (35)________isolated. In 1974, 66 percent of all children walked or biked to school. By 2000,that number had (36)_______to 13 percent. "Children who grow up in suburbia (郊区) can't meet their life needs without getting a ride somewhere," Dr. Jackson said. "The average teen in suburbia says it's boring. is new book, "Designing Healthy Communities," a(n) (37)__________piece to a coming public television series, says:

"When there is nearly nothing within walking distance to interest a young person and it is near-lethal to bicycle, he or she must give up autonomy — a(n)(38)_________every creature must develop just as much as strength and endurance." The book was written with Stacy Sinclair, director of education at the Media Policy Centre in Santa Monica,

Calif. "We've engineered physical activity out of children's lives," Dr. Jackson said in a(n) (39)_______

. "Only a quarter of the children in California can pass a basic

fitness test, and two in seven volunteers for the military can't get in because they're not in good enough physical condition." The health consequences, he said, are (40)___________

Not only are Americans of all ages fatter than ever, but also growing numbers of children are developing diseases once seen only in adults: Type 2 diabetes (糖尿病),

heart disease and fatty livers (脂肪肝).

A. socially E. terrifying I. capacity

B. victims F. quality J. dropped

C. approach G. raised K. interview

D. expansion H. soared L. companion


完型补文(第 41~50 题,每题 1.5 分,共 15 分)






Body ImageNowadays, a large number of people are (40)___________(courage) to be dissatisfied

with their bodies by plastic surgeons, diet plans, and diet pills — all of which fosterthat(41)________

(satisfaction)to make a profit. However, in my opinion, to build a positive body image requires a

(42)_____________(balance)diet and(43)_____________(health) lifestyle. In daily life, to eat more fruits and vegetable than meat will help us keep fit. The best way to keep ourselves in shape is to do some (44)__________(vigor) exercise every   day. Instead of feeling self-conscious and (45)___(shame), or believing your body  is a shame of persona(46)_______(fail) and that you are not as attractive as everyone  else, you should have a real and clear(47)_________(perceive) of your body parts,appreciate your body for the way it is, and feel(48)__________(comfort)and confident.

When we love ourselves rather than covet and pine for (49)__________(possible)  standards, we are happier, healthier and ultimately more (50)_____________(fulfill).



文的结构很简单——开头、阐述观点、论证观点、总结号召,四个部分,每个部分记住 1-2 个

句式,实际写几篇来熟悉下,考试拿到 70%的分数问题不大。说明文一般也给定提纲,首先是提出



1 、A 或者 B”类议论文模板


第一段:Some people hold the opinion that A is superior to B in many ways. Others,

however, argue that B is much better. Personally, I would prefer A because I think A has

more advantage


第二段:There are many reasons why I prefer A. The main reason is that …. Another


is that ….

第三段:Of course, B also has advantages to some extent…


第四段:But if all these factors are considered, A is much better than B. from what has

been discussed above, we may finally draw the conclusion that…

Sample Writing 范文

E-book or Paper Books?With the popularization of computer and internet, here is coming a very hot topic:

whether E-book can replace paper book or not. In my opinion, I prefer paper book and it

will not be replaced forever.

For one thing, although E-books are easier for carrying, we can not use them whenever we need, because they must be read through professional tools ,such as mp3 ,mp4 and so on. What's more, plenty of knowledge has been recorded in paper book rather than E-book. To make things credible, there are not enough E-book including professional knowledge for us to use on the internet.

In a word, I would choose the paper ones and I believe that people will still use the paper books in the future.

某英文报社正在举办题为“Watching Movies at Home or in a Cinema”的征文活动。


1) 你喜欢在家还是在电影院看电影。

2) 理由是什么。

参考范文 (1610 全国)

I prefer watching movies at the theater rather than at home. Even though watching movies at home is very comfortable and we can sprawl on the couch, it is definitely not as wonderful and exciting as watching films in the theater.

In the cinema, the screen is many times larger than what we have at home, and the sound effects are amazing. I feel that watching a film on a large screen is very exciting. It is totally different from what we would feel at home. In addition, in my opinion, sound effects are extremely important since they help to build up the climax of movies. The numerous large speakers in a theater are

especially made to perform this function, so apparently, the ones we have at home are barely


In theaters, the atmosphere is also more suitable for watching movies than at home. For example, when watching a detective movie, everyone would hold their breath together at the climax.

This adds to the tense environment and it would make the whole experience very thrilling.

Hence, in conclusion, I prefer watching movies at the theater to home.

2 “How to”类议论文模板




第二段:Many ways can help to solve this serious problem, but the following may be more effective. First of all…Another way to solve the problem is …Finally…

结论:第三段:These are not the best but only tow/ three measures we can take. But it should be

noted that we should take action to…

Fight against the haze

Nowadays, many cities in our country are being threatened by the haze. As a plague puzzling us for a long time, haze, has exerted great negative influences on our human beings.It particles can affect the health of citizens, what’s more, it may brought great inconvenience to our life, especially for drivers.

Living in such a bad environment, what can we do to protect ourselves? The following tips provide some effective methods to fight against the haze. The basic measures is reducing fuel-powered vehicles. To prevent and control air pollution, government policy is the useful hand, individual self-discipline is more importance. As a college student, we can give small power to governance fog in starting from around things. Such as taking public transportation, don't put fireworks.We should not ignore this small behavior for it will bring great change. Maybe what we can do now is some trivial things, but if there is an action, there will be an effect.

These are not the best but only these measures we can take to fight against Haze. If Everyone makes contributions to it, the world will become more and more beautiful.


写作思路:2W+1H(What, Why, How)


1. 开头段

Everyone has his or her own favorite ***. Some like ***, while others fancy***. If you ask me what my favorite *** is, my answer would be***. It is to be noted that *** is one of the world’s most popular***. And it has a lot of benefits. This essay will illustrate these benefits as follows.

2. 中间段

To begin with, Additionally, Further,

Moreover, Last but not least,

Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly, Finally,

3. 结尾段

In conclusion, To sum up, In summary, To summarize, Thus, therefore, Hence,


…is indispensable in our daily life日常生活中不可或缺

…is of great importance …is of great significance

…is crucial …plays a crucial part in …plays a important role in


… has a positive impact on…积极影响

… has a negative impact on…消极影响

… does good to … … does harm to …


The reason why I fancy *** so much is that…

The reason why I deem(认为) *** is of great importance is that…

This is likely due to the fact that…

One of the benefits for *** is that…


It should be noted that…It can be argued that…

It can be suggested that…

For instance, …

An example for that would be…

One thing to be pointed out is that…

某英文报社正在举办题为“Exercise Every Day” 的征文活动。请就此题目写一




Sample writing:范文 (1710 全国卷)

Exercise Every Day

Nowadays, having sports is becoming more and more popular. As we know, a person who keeps on taking exercises regularly will keep fit and live a happy life.

My favorite sports is playing basketball.After school I usually spend half an hour on it,which not only builds up my body but also makes me refreshed. Playing basketball helps me relax after a period of exhausting study and improves my study efficiency.

Besides,through the game,I have learned the spirit of teamwork.It is also a good way for me to make new friends.In short,playing basketball enriches my life and makes me more confident.

Come on! Let’s do sports together and enjoy a healthy life!

短文写作 (1504 全国卷)

请根据所提供材料中的要求完成一篇 100 词左右的英语短文。某英文报社正在举办

题为“I Like Playing Sports”的征文活动。请就此题目写一篇英文短文应征。内容包括



Sample writing:范文

I Like Playing Sports

There are many kinds of sports that I enjoy, such as swimming, running, and dancing. However, the sport that I like most is basketball. I can't play it very well, but I still show great interest in it.

Firstly, it helps me keep healthy. Exercise is one of the most active and effective means to enhance the physical health. Secondly, playing sports is a good way to relax.

When you are upset, sports may pull you out from depression. Finally, it's easier to make friends while you take part in sport activities, because you have the same interest. It's important for making friends. All in all, I get a lot from sports.

短文写作 (1310 全国)

请根据所提供材料中的要求完成一篇 100 词左右的英语短文。 并将短文写在答题

纸相应的位置上。 某英文报纸正在举办题为“My Favorite Job”的征文活动。请就此



Sample writing:范文

My Favorite job

If you are a junior or a senior, you may be frequently asked, "What would you like to do in the future?" Whenever people ask me this question, my answer is always the same, "To be a teacher." Teaching has been my favorite profession all the time. My dream

of being a teacher was rooted in my childhood.

The good natured, patient and strict teachers in primary school made a strong impression on me. As I grow up, I know more about my desired profession. Teachers are the engineers of human soul. That is to say, they play roles in the forming and shaping of students' intellectual and psychological make-up. Teachers are lifelong learners while instructing students. Nowadays governments at all levels put more stress on the roles of education in information society, versatile teachers are urgently needed.

To be a qualified teacher in the new century, I must prepare right now. Rosy dream and firm will can not be automatically translated into teaching methods and job skills. In short, I will make efforts to do well my favorite job teaching.



1. 题干中明确说明是电子邮件 2. 邮件内容框架已知


第一步:Dear..... (不认识的用 Mr/Mrs;认识的直接称呼名字,Dear 顶头写)。

第二步:正文。(一般可先自己的近况或心情,如 “I am very glad to hear from you”之类,


第三步:说 Hope to hear from you soon 或 I’m looking forward to you 之类的结束,顶头写

第四步:写 yours sincerely, Best Regards 等,顶头写




英语信件写作开头和结尾句例句:I am so delighted to write to tell you/hear from you….

I am writing to you with reference to ….

Thanks so much for your letter, which arrived….

I would like to know some information on …

I would be grateful if you could /would ….

It will be appreciated if you can /could ….

I look forward to hearing from you.

I hope you can write back to me at your earliest convenience.

Best regards.

Best wishes for you.

Yours Sincerely

Sample Writing

短文写作 (1704)

假设你暑假参加了你所在社区组织的义工(volunteer)活动。请给你的美国朋友 Tom


1)你做了什么义工工作 2)你认为做义工的意义是什么 3)请以 Li Ke 署名


Dear Tom,

I have been a volunteer in 2010 Shanghai EXPO, it was really an unforgettable experience.

Although volunteer's work was hard and tired I still feel very happy cause it offers me a good opportunity to help visitors from foreign counties thus can practice my oral English.

I also enhance my sense of responsibility during volunteer work. I worked with other volunteers as a team, together we solved different problems, we also became good friends after EXPO. I was proud of myself and surely I will treasure this experience.



短文写作(1510 全国)

假设你的美国朋友 Mike 要去你的家乡旅游,请给他写一封电子邮件,告诉他:1)近期的天气情况;



请以 Like 署名


Dear Mike,

I’m very glad to learn that you’re going to visit my hometown. My parents will also be happy to see you. I am sure you will enjoy every minute here.

The weather here is warm and sunny, so you needn’t take many clothes. A coat will be OK. But you may want to bring a camera. There are lots of beautiful and historic places in my hometown, so you may want to take photos. Besides, if you are interested in climbing mountains, please remember to bring sportswear and sneakers.

I’m looking forward to your visit! Best Regards!

Yours Sincerely


短文写作 (1804 全国)

你的好友 Lucky 过生日,邀请你的朋友 Tom 来参加,以你的名义,你的名字叫 Li

Ke。要求: 100 词以上,时间,地点你来定。


Dear Tom,

We’re throwing a surprise party for Lucky's birthday. We’d like to invite you to the party.

We want to give her a surprise, so please keep quiet about it. We’ll gather at the Students’

Club at 8 p.m.

this Friday, after the evening classes. And it’s going to last about an hour. We each will prepare a little present. When she comes, we’ll light the candles and sing “Happy Birthday”together for her. Then the cake will be cut and we’ll sing songs and play games. It’ll be nice to see how  excited she will be. I’m sure you’ll have a good time at the party, too.

Yours Sincerely,

Li Ke第五答题



【答案解析】本空应为 become 的宾语,所以应是名词形式,备选项中只有 victim(受害者)


们已经变成了成功的受害者。答案为 B。



【答案解析】本空位于介词 of 之前,动词 improve 之后,因此应为名词形式。备选项中可填

入 quality(质量)。

本句意为:因为住得远离工作地点,我们远离了人群,提高了空气和水的质量。答案为 F。



【答案解析】本空的中心词为 rate(比率),因此时应的谓语应意为“增加”或“减少”,各

选项中 raised 和 soared

无论从意思或形式都比较符合,但 soared“高飞,猛增”,从语气色彩上更符合语境。答案为




【答案解析】通过下文的 enough sidewalks……towns 可知,前后两句是在比较郊区与市区的


有足够的公园、人行道等设施。所以本空可填入 expansion(扩大、扩充)。本句意为:公共


和远郊拓展得快。答案为 D。



【答案解析】本空不缺少句子成分,因此可填入副词修饰形容词 isolated。备选项中可填入


socially isolated 意为变得与社会隔绝。答案为 A。



【答案解析】1974 年给出的数字为 66%,2000 年的数字为 13%,可见数字减少了,所以可用动

词 drop 表示。答案 J。



【答案解析】a coming public television series 意为即将播出的电视系列片,与本句的主

语 new book(新书)

联系,可知这本书是为这部系列片而出的,所以应选择名词 companion(可指成双、成套的物

品之一)。答案为 L。


【正确答案】I【答案解析】strength 意为“力量”,endurance 意为“忍耐力”。这两项都属于人的能力。

所以前面应填入 capacity

(能力)。答案为 I。


【正确答案】 K

【答案解析】in an interview 为固定搭配,意为“在一次采访中”。答案为 K。



【答案解析】be 动词后应为形容词构成系表结构。能与 consequences(后果、结果)搭配使

用的应为 terrifying

(可怕的),符合题意。答案为 E。




【答案解析】动词 foster 后面应为宾语,所以应填入名词形式,且意为“不满意”,所以应

在 satisfaction 前面

加前缀 dis-后变为 dissatisfaction。答案为 dissatisfaction。



【答案解析】此处需要填入形容词修饰名词 diet(饮食),因此应填入 balance 的形容词形式


衡的”。答案为 balanced。



【答案解析】此处需填入形容词修饰名词 lifestyle(生活方式),所以应填入 health 的形容

词形式 healthy,意

为“健康的”。答案为 healthy。



【答案解析】本空位于名词 exercise 前面,应为形容词。vigor 的形容词形式为 vigorous,


力的。答案为 vigorous。



【答案解析】本空应和 self-conscious 为并列成分,因此也应填入 shame 的形容词形式


愧的、羞耻的”。答案为 shameful。


【正确答案】failure【答案解析】本空由形容词 personal 修饰,因此应填入 fail 的名词形式 failure ,意为“失

败”。答案为 failure。



【答案解析】形容词 clear 后面应为名词形式,因此填入 perception,意为“观察力、洞察力”。

答案为 perception。



【答案解析】feel+形容词意为感觉……,因此应填入 comfort 的形容词形式 comfortable,


的”。答案为 comfortable。



【答案解析】本空应填入形容词修饰 standard,根据句子中的 rather than 可知,后面应表示


入 possible 的反义词 impossible(不可能的)。答案为 impossible。



【答案解析】本空应填入 fulfill 的形容词形式 fulfilled,与前面的 more 共同形成比较级。

答案为 fulfilled。